Thursday, March 10, 2011

i see Kim and Irfan

Assalamu'alaikum March, 6th 2011 i and my uncle's go to GOR (Gelanggan Olah Raga) Turida, Lombok to watch friendly match PERSEMA Malang and Pra PON NTB. We go at 2.00 pm and the match start at 4.00pm, so i can watch Irfan, Kim and the other from Persema for a looooooooooooong time. And here i post some photo's that i get…

final score is 2-1 and Persema won... Kim have one goal in 89' and Irfan in 92' ...

i love football, but it's my first ttime to watch live football...and i enjoy it. thanks NTB... thanks PERSEMA and thanks all of you for fair play.


on the way to my sister graduated

Assalamu'alaikum February, 26th 2011 my sister "SHANDY" graduated from university, so i and family come to Abu Bakar Auditorium of Mataram Univesity to see the graduated. And here we come…
 what i wore

For the outfit I wore, it’s casual outfit. I used black wedges shoes to get more comfort while walking or runing because i must to taken some picture for my siter. The clothes were also not complicated, it's so simple. Blue batwing blouse and skinny jeans pants. For the hijab, I wore black Paris Hijab with brokat inner. i feel more comfort to wear it. Well, that's all I can share. Hopefully it can give a benefit and inspire you in hijab fashion.