Monday, December 26, 2011

Style Inspiration; Greenie (sun)DAY

my outfit :
lime green scarf : Ourland
Polka Blazer : ZARA
Dark Green Long Pants : Desmodda
Brown Wedges : Dila's

Style Inspiration; Weekend style in Grandmom's

what i wore :
hijab scarf - unbranded 
brown blazer - GS
Darkgreen Long Pants - Desmodda
Pink T-shirt - Unbranded
Brown Wedges - Dila's

Style Inspiration; Busy Day

Last Sunday i had a (busy) weekend days...
I had a phoshoot for OURLAND 1st collection.
*OurLand is My and My Friends (Maya & Putri) own label for hijab stuff
and this is 2 of the photos :)

and, rainy came... rain all the time in that day huhuhu :(
but, we must go to Hijabers Mataram Committee Meeting on 4pm
and it's still rain outside :(

and this picture i take when HM had meeting... 
just 8 committee came, it's because rain???huhuhu :(
but i love rain :) :) :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

LOMO effect on me

my outfit:
peach chiffon scarf - OurLand
dark blue inner ninja - Rumah Jilbab
Camel Blouse - Henna Shop

photograph - Putri Warnaningsari
edited - Dina Hakim

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I join Wardah Travel in Style 2

Assalamualaikum guys...
today it's my free i just killing my time to browsing and blogging
and........ i finally join to Wardah Travel in Style 2
i send this photo
 i  take this photos in Kluwi Beach Lombok.... and for vote me in this contest,
klik here Wardah Travel in Style 2 and give me your thumb dear

-dina hakim-

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

(dream) Gown by Irna La Perle

 this is 2 of my fav gown design by Irna Mutiara from Irna La Perle
I love the simple style... love the cutting of the gown... love the colour
hopely someday i can wear it :) huhuhu

picture from Irna La Perle Facebook

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hijabers Mataram "The Hijabers Stories"

“THE HIJABERS STORIES”. Ini adalah sebuah judul lomba menulis yang diadakan oleh Hijabers Mataram, yang berisikan cerita yang inspiratif dan menarik dari wanita muslimah yang memutuskan memakai hijab di usia muda dan mampu membuktikan bahwa memakai hijab tidak menghalangi diri mereka untuk tetap berprestasi dan berkarya.
Cerita yang dikirim dan terpilih menjadi cerita terinspiratif akan ditampilkan ke dalam blog hijabers mataram dan mendapat hadiah spesial.

Syarat peserta lomba :
• Wanita berhijab,
• Usia di bawah 35 tahun,
• Status bebas (single or married)

Ada 5 pertanyaan yang harus dijawab dalam cerita yang akan ditulis. Selain dari pertanyaan di bawah ini, peserta bebas bercerita apa saja tentang kisah hijabnya, tidak terpatok dengan pertanyaan yang diberikan.
• Ceritakan sedikit profile tentang diri anda (nama, tempat & tanggal lahir, pendidikan, pekerjaan, aktivitas kegiatan sehari-hari)
• Bagaimana awal mula cerita anda berhijab? Hal apa yang menginspirasi anda?
• Apa tantangan/kesulitan setelah berhijab? Bagaimana anda menyikapi hal itu?
• Secara keseluruhan, bagaimana kehidupan anda setelah berhijab? (bisa dilihat dari berbagai macam aspek, seperti kepribadian dan sikap / karir / rezeki, dll)
• Apa saran bagi teman-teman lain yang ingin berhijab tapi masih belum yakin? (give your best advice and convince them to wear hijab)
Cara pengiriman:
• Tulis cerita dalam file micrososft word, 750-1200 words, font 11 arial.
• Sertakan Data diri dan 1 foto close up
• Kirimkan cerita dan foto tsb ke email paling lambat tanggal 18 Desember 2011.
this event supported by : chocowlates fashion store &

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Heart Chocolate

 i like this mini colourful chocolate, the flavour like buble gum :9

and i like mini dark chocolate cake too... 
sweet and chocolove... u must try it :9

Look a Like Hana Tajima Style

hihihi... What do you think? like Hana Tajima style?
if you want to see my tutorial for this style, just klik here

-dina hakim-

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

HFW Day #7: Out with Friends!

In Hijabi Fashion Week's Day 7 theme, 
i would to share how i like to dress when i going out with my friends. 
Do you know? i prefer wear a casual dress-down kind of hangout
and we're like to go to cafe to spend some peaceful time together to watching Jazz music mini concert :)

I wearing a black chiffon scarf from Dailyhijab with a colourfull headband,
a stripes Black-white long dress and white pearl clutch from Sophie Martin. 
So, i'm ready for having fun :)
Visit here to see this my hijab tutorial 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

HFW Day #5: EID/Formal - Kaftan Look

 Now, i join HFW Day #5 Eid/Formal
and I choose Eid Style for this day...
but, you can wear it in Formal occasion too...
so, this is my outfit :)

Usually for Eid or Formal cultural gatherings, we wear Abaya or Long Dress... 
For this Eid I prefer going classic with a simple Purple Kaftan, but I've added some lace in my kaftan neck and i choose Purple Shawl as my hijab.
Since celebration is about good times with friends and/or family, i thought it was only fair to allow a cameo by my lovely dad&mum, younger sisters and brothers, and lovely grandmom!

Thanks for visiting my blog for my fifth day of Hijabi Fashion Week!

HFW Day #4: Vacation/Destination - LOMBOK Indonesia

Holla girls...
it's time to have some refreshing...
Let's go out... and this time i hanging out with my family...yippieeeeee :)
Well, the place that my family choose is LOMBOK Indonesia! We choose it because my grandmom like this place so much! Lombok have a beautifull beach in the world, ever!!! you can see the photos of beautifull LOMBOK here!!!

This time, I'm wearing Yellow Maxi Dress, Dark Brown T-shirt and Flip Sandals... can you see my sandals?? it's transparant :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

HFW Day #3 : Break the Rules - Out of the basic Colour's

Hai... hijab sista :)
My look for Day #3 is Out of the Basic colours. 
Well, the idea came up that I bored to wear the outfit only with 2 tone colours. 
So then, why not try it to wear more than 2 colours now?
I adds more than 3 colours in my outfit today. You can found Red, Brown, Yellow, Dark Green, Black, White and Grey there right???

I'm wearing Green Cardi, Brown T-shirt, Brown Belt, Yellow Umbrella Skirt, Grey scarf as a hijab, red bag and black high heels...

Oh yes, i can do that, and you can too, thanks to today's giveaway! :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HFW Day #2: Hobbies

Actually, many things I like to do in my "free" time. I like reading, blogging and blogwalking (off course), photograph - hunting photos, shopping (woman thingy rite???) or having quality time with my family and also with my friends,

For this time, I choose photograph as my hobby. And i hunting photos in all Lombok great spots ever that day. So, here is what I'm into my actvity that day. 

 I'm wearing a Sabrina Purple t-shirt and a black A-line skirt. Really comfort fort hunting photos!

Monday, November 28, 2011

HFW Day #1 : Leaders in Hijab

Hellow... i join Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW) 2011 and this post for day #1: Leader in Hijab
This is what I usually wear to office:  plain skirt, basic shirt, and paris hijab.
I’m freelance engineer in a House Developer Company. In my office, the employee not wearing a uniform. That’s why I have time for dress up, ayayaya! I like it :)
So i going to work with style :)

I'm wearing a Retro square shirt and a black A-line skirt. Really comfort for go to work! is'n it???

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